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Denny's Packs Them In

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, February 03, 2009, at 10:25PM
Denny's Ed Fuentes

Crowds wait outside the Denny's at 888 S. Figueroa for free breakfasts.

Like other locations around the U.S., the Denny's on Figueroa got grand slammed Tuesday thanks to the restaurant chain's Super Bowl ad offering a day of free breakfasts.

"The phone was busy all morning and we hardly had time to answer it," said manager Sonia Montes, adding that staff were informed three weeks ago that free Grand Slams would be offered from 6 am to 2pm. "We served 786 people, and anyone still in line at 1:45 was given a rain check certificate."

In the ad, titled "Thugs," three wise-guys are sitting at breakfast planning something nefarious only to be constantly interrupted by a waitress topping off a whipped cream smile on the leader's pancakes. Burt Reynolds is heard in the voiceover announcing the free breakfast. USA Today reports that nationwide, two million people may have taken the chain up on the offer.

The promotion might have particularly effective for this Downtown Denny's, tucked in a parking garage at 888 S. Figueroa and lacking the signs associated with the chain. Montes noted that the crowd––who were friendly, patient, and appreciative––had many Downtowners who didn't know the diner was there. "Not until they looked where to get a free breakfast."


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