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After Marathon Hearing, Club 740's Fate Rests on Problem Solving

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, February 12, 2009, at 12:00AM
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Four hours of testimony on Monday afternoon produced no outcome in the revocation case against Club 740, the Broadway super-club with a history of violent crime and noise issues. Last month the Planning Department started a process that could end in revocation of the club's Conditional Use Permit.

That outcome is not likely in the short-term, but remains a possibility if the club and neighborhood are not able to find solutions for the issues that have previously surrounded the facility.

After hearing the speakers on Monday, the officiating Assistant Zoning Administrator left comments on the case open for eight weeks, allowing time for the club and community to propose a plan.

Instead of revocation, the Zoning Administrator wishes to see the club and community propose a set of new conditions that would make the venue a better neighbor. These new conditions would then be imposed as a trial, with a review set up perhaps six months later.

Councilman Jose Huizar's office will coordinate the stakeholder input. Plans are to first hold a meeting with representatives from LAPD, the Historic Downtown BID, the Fashion District BID and the Chapman Building. The results from that get-together would then be presented to club owner Ralph Verdugo, with perhaps a third joint meeting to broker a compromise on any issues that prove to be a sticking point.

Club 740 opened in 2005, bringing new life to the 1913 Globe Theatre. While the club has attracted A-list attention, it has also built up a thick stack of police reports for incidents both inside and outside the venue. More recently, neighbors in the Chapman Building has complained that noise from the club vibrated walls in the building and that patrons in the alley were loud and disorderly. The Chapman opened in May of 2008.


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