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Around the Halls: February 23 - 25

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, February 23, 2009, at 03:06AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, February 23, and while the week starts off slow, there's a lot on City Council agendas that Downtowners should be keeping their eye on. The first half of the week is heavy on transportation items, features a high stakes game of chicken over 3,000 daily tons of garbage, and offers an extension on interim controls over signage.

MONDAY: Only a lone committee meeting today, one of the Budget & Finance committee's roadshow events. This week the committee takes its brief agenda to the El Sereno Constituent Center at 6pm.

TUESDAY: Four committees and a Council meeting are on the schedule.

At Council, item 10 is CF 09-0221, which would give Gilmore Associates and Pharmaka a lease on the retail / gallery space being built into the front of the LAPD Motorpool building on Main street. The pair were the only response to an RFP the city had issued looking for interest in the space.

Item 17 is a great example of how slow the wheels of government sometimes turn. The motion is on CF 04-0977, the "First Street and Main Street Vacation District." We wrote about this vacation in September of 2007, and it's for airspace that's been in use by the Caltrans building since it opened in 2004. Four and a half years later, the building's about to get legal.

Item 23, CF 08-3422-S1 would extend the Interim Control Ordinance on off-site signage until May 10. We mentioned this pending motion in last week's recap of signage discussions.

Planning and Land Use Management committee will hear CF 08-3423, a zone change in the Arts District that would allow 18 units to be built on a surface parking lot at 857 Traction Ave. The Area Planning Commission in December approved the change but denied a request for greater density.

The Ad Hoc Renew LA committee deals with green issues and sustainability, but one item on Tuesday's agenda is a bit messy. In December the city approved an ordinance placing a $3 per ton fee on all waste disposed at landfills inside city limits. Browning-Ferris Industries, operator of the Sunshine Canyon landfill, has filed a lawsuit against the city and said that the move constitutes a breech of contract. Given that the city currently sends 3,000 tons of waste to Sunshine Canyon each day, that's a potentially big issue. The committee will meet in closed session to discuss emergency waste disposal options.

WEDNESDAY: Three committee meetings and a Council session are on the schedule.

At Housing, Community and Economic Development, CF 09-0322 asks that a $75,000 loan made to the Little Tokyo Service Center in 1994 into a grant. The money went to the restoration of the Union Center for the Arts.

At Council, item 18 is CF 07-1586-S1, an extension of the city's contract with FilmL.A.

At Transportation committee, item 6 is a report on the Drivecam system installed in the city's DASH buses. The last report in the file (CF 06-1529) is from March of 2007.

Item 8 is CF 08-1984, a Caltrans report on the crappy state of freeways in Los Angeles. Summary: They're the worst in the state.

Item 9 is an update on the Dodger Trolley, CF 07-3988, but it's really not much of an update. The Dodgers still have no interest in helping to pay, and DOT has been unable yet to find any advertising sponsors. They're still looking, but if they don't find any the service won't happen.


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