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Saturday: Free E-Waste Recycling in South Park

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, February 24, 2009, at 04:25PM
Computer Parts Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Got a pile of old electronics and computer junk sitting around the loft? I know I do... I can look around my office and find a half-dozen old computers, several of which don't have a use even given my pack-rat inclinations when it comes to electronics.

On Saturday, the L.A. Morning Rotary Club will be hosting an E-Waste recycling drive at corner of Flower and Olympic in South Park. The event will offer those in the neighborhood a free chance to safely dispose of the electronic clutter in their home or office.

Why does there need to be special disposal for e-waste? Old computers and electronics are full of dangerous materials -- CRT monitors and TVs can contain up to 10 pounds of lead. When these materials end up in landfills they can cause serious health and safety issues.

The city provides e-waste disposal sites, but only on certain days and at a handful of sites.

Saturday's event, operated by Neuwaste Business Recycling, will take place from 9am to 3pm. Residents are invited to bring as many pieces of electronic waste as they want to get rid of. There's a list of accepted materials on the company's site, but basically it encompasses computers, computer accessories, TVs and electronics.

It will take place on Saturday, February 28, in the First United Methodist Church's parking lot on the southeast corner of Flower and Olympic. You can also find a flyer on Ginny Case's website.


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