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Touring Downtown WIFI: Cafe Corsa

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, March 05, 2009, at 02:19PM
Corsa Coffee 2 Ed Fuentes

Care for some Marxist Dark Roast? That could very well be the name of a coffee served at Cafe Corsa, the Figueroa Corridor coffee house that's been getting good reviews. "It's SoDo, south of Downtown," says Richard Weiche, the political academia and food historian turned barista and coffee house owner. Of course, sharing political views is not a requirement for this house of joe, but it may well be some of the conversation you take in while sipping on an brewed Italian Roast.

For Weiche, it's really the coffee that matters.

Importantly for us––the Downtown haute bourgeois––the joint is wired with WIFI. And even though the hours are limited, that's more than enough time to, say, plan social upheaval.

"None of that," says Weiche. "But we just can talk about it."

PROS: The cafe has an intimate setting with warm brick walls. Located in a well disguised strip mall where the DASH F makes a stop, there is also parking for those who want to drive. The WIFI is shared––call it a collective–– by the business in the mixed-use retail and residential complex. Not enough plugs? Extension cords can be provided, says Weiche.

CONS: Closed Sunday. Opened only until 4:30pm on the weekdays; 4pm on Saturday.

FOOD? WHO CARES! THEY HAVE A CLOVER: They have one of those $11,000 Clover machines that brews one cup at a time, and buy from direct trade coffee vendors.

THE WILD CARD: Watching Weiche greet everyone by name, and you sense that titles don't mean entitlement. The barista-nista agrees. "We are the same in the eye of coffee."

Café Corsa / 2238 S. Figueroa Street / 213-746-2604 / 213-617-7006 / Monday - Friday, 7am - 4:30pm / Saturday 7am - 4pm


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