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Metro's "Silver Line" Buses Would Consolidate Operations Through Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, March 11, 2009, at 03:15PM
Proposed Silver Line Route through Downtown Metro

Metro's proposed "Silver Line" BRT service would travel through Downtown, connecting the Harbor Transitway and El Monte Busway.

A new proposal by Metro would consolidate five routes that terminate Downtown into a single line operating across the Central City between the Harbor Transitway and the El Monte Busway. The "Silver Line," as Metro's calling the busway proposal, would run from the Artesia Transit Center in South L.A. to El Monte.

The transit agency and LADOT have long sought to connect the two transit corridors, first considering a massive construction project before deciding instead to focus on creating a surface connection through Downtown. As part of the service changes, LADOT will be working with Metro to improve bus lanes and transit facilities.

The Silver Line service, which Metro will be presenting this evening at a meeting of the Westside / Central Service Sector Governance Council, would replace the existing 444, 446, 447, 484 and 490 lines.

The 444, 446 and 447 run along the Harbor Transitway, crossing Downtown before terminating at Union Station. The 484 and 490 travel on the El Monte busway before traveling through Downtown to terminate near the 10 freeway.

The new route would have northbound buses enter Downtown on Figueroa, turning east on 6th street, north on Olive, and then east on 1st. Buses entering Downtown from the El Monte busway would travel west on 1st before turning south on Grand, west on 5th, south on Flower, and then moving over to Figueroa at 11th street.

It remains to be seen how many buses would travel through Downtown each day on the Silver Line. Currently the five routes make a combined 153 trips into Downtown each weekday.


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