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As Season Nears, Chances of Dodger Trolley Service Slim

By Eric Richardson
Published: Thursday, March 12, 2009, at 05:56PM
Dodger Trolley Los Angeles Dodgers

When fans fill Dodger Stadium for the team's home opener on April 13, chances are minimal that they will be doing so via the Dodger Trolley. The city's efforts to find a sponsor for the shuttle service to Union Station have come up empty, and the team has offered little help in that effort.

LADOT's Jim Lefton appeared before the Council's Transportation Committee today to offer an update on the service, which the city sponsored for the last part of the 2008 season.

Service for the 2009 season is estimated to cost approximately $400,000. The Dodgers have been emphatic that the cost for any public transportation option should be borne by the city.

Earlier promises that the team would help the city find sponsors for a 2009 service seem to have fallen by the wayside this offseason. "In June, when the council approved the two month demo, the Dodgers had committed that ... they would go out and the end of the season and talk to their sponsors," Lefton told the committee. "When we met with them in December, they indicated that they did not want to talk to the existing sponsors and that they did not want to mess with their existing sponsorship arrangements."

The city has attempted to find its own sponsorship deal for the service, but has been unsuccessful in doing so.

Were the service to be run, it would operate differently than last year's demo did. LADOT has put together a new route that would avoid Sunset, bringing the bus in the east entrance to the stadium.

After discussion, Transportation committee held the item, with Councilman Tom LaBonge particularly expressing his hope that some solution could be found.


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