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Fashion Week Photos: Grai, Society for Rational Dress, Raquel Allegra, Sonia Vera and J. Gerard

By Eric Richardson
Published: Saturday, March 14, 2009, at 12:38PM
Grai Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Grai: Gen Art show at BOXeight Fashion Week 2009, opening night. Los Angeles Theatre.

On Friday night a showcase put on by Gen Art kicked off BOXeight's 2009 Fashion Week at the Los Angeles Theatre. It was a return home for BOXeight, whose fashion career was born three years ago in a set of shows hastily pulled together in the Los Angeles.

On Friday night the Gen Art showcase featured Grai, Society for Rational Dress and Raquel Allegra. Late night shows during the BOXeight afterparty featured swimwear by Sonia Vera and a surprising collection by J. Gerard.

This is the season to showcase fall fashion, and the first three lines carried a winter-appropriate mix of blacks and grays. Allegra's work is particularly eye-catching, with recycled garments handturned into threadbare new creations.

The afterparty shows eschewed fall, going instead for color and skin. J. Gerard's show drew a particularly loud response from the audience that stayed through the midnight hour. While the night's freely flowing drinks and more than a couple risque get-ups certainly contributed to the applause, Gerard's designs would have shown well at any hour.

BOXeight returns to the Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday for two more packed days of runway displays. Tickets are available at


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