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Fashion Week Photos: Yotam Solomon, Sjobeck, Maxine Dillon and Li Cari

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, March 16, 2009, at 02:19PM
Yotam Solomon Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Yotam Solomon: BOXeight Fashion Week 2009. Sunday, 7pm show. Los Angeles Theatre.

It was a full house on Sunday evening as day three of BOXeight's Fashion Week 2009 came to a close. Before the final show, BOXeight founder Peter Gurnz thanked the crowd and those involved in making the event happen, proudly proclaiming that "This is not Paris. This is not Milan. This is not New York. And this is definitely not Culver City. This is Downtown L.A.."

It was also a little Hollywood, with cameras from MTV on-hand to film Jazmine Whitley's Li Cari show. The network is producing a reality show following Downtown-based designer Whitley. Also on the evening runway were shows by Yotam Solomon, Sjobeck and Maxine Dillon.

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