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Call List Gives a View of Potential Downtown Transportation Projects

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, March 24, 2009, at 02:38PM
With Traffic Eric Richardson [Flickr]

The CRA proposes to buy one streetcar using funds from Metro's 2009 Call for Projects.

Every two years, Metro holds a competition for transportation funds known as the Call for Projects. Cities around the county try to make the case that their projects are worthy of funding. The submission date for the 2009 call is nearing, and tomorrow the City's Department of Transportation will present its priority list to the Council's Transportation committee.

None of the projects on the list are sure things -- the city doesn't even know how much money there is to compete for -- but the included items give a useful view into what is being thought about inside city offices.

Funding awarded via the Call for Projects would be available in October of 2010. Final applications are due to Metro on April 17.

Regional Surface Transportation Improvements

6 -- Sixth Street Viaduct Replacement

The city's asking for $2 million from Metro, on a project they list at $345 million. They give the project a 79.8 out of 100.

8 -- North Main Grade Separation

North of Chinatown, Main street crosses the Los Angeles river on a low bridge that crosses several heavily used railroad tracks. The city wants to grade-separate the roadway. It's a $15 million project to do the engineering and acquire needed right of way, and the city's asking for $9.75 million.

23 -- Grand Avenue Widening over the 101

The city wants to widen the bridge over the 101 to 104 feet to create dual left-turn lanes, a through lane, a right turn lane and wider sidewalks. Again, a $15 million project and the city's requesting $9.75 million.

26 -- North Spring Widening

The city wants to widen N. Spring next to the Cornfield park, taking it from 44' to 80' and adding a landscaped median. $13.75 million project, asking for $8,937,500.

Pedestrian Improvements

2 -- Main Street Ped Enhancement

The city wants to add curb extensions (otherwise known as bump-outs) to Main street between 1st and 8th streets. It's an $800,000 project, and they're requesting $675,000 from Metro.

3 -- Arts District / Little Tokyo Station Linkages

Pedestrian "linkages and improvements" around the new Gold Line Eastside Extension station at 1st and Alameda. $2.3 million project, $1.6 million requested.

12 -- Broadway Historic Theatre District Enhancements (4th - 6th)

The funds would go to sidewalk replacement and streetscape updates. It's pegged at $5 million, with $4 million requested.

16 -- Fashion District Streetscape Phase III

A $2 million continuation of previous streetscape work in the district. $1.575 million is requested from Metro.

19 -- 7th Street Ped / Transit Improvements

$750,000 worth of work to consolidate bus stops and add curb extensions between Figueroa and Olive. $562,500 is requested from Metro.

Transportation Enhancement Activities

3 -- Chinatown Green Corridor

Landscaped median parkway on Cesar Chavez, sidewalk widening on Main and redone crosswalks at Main and Alameda. $1.641 million project, with $1.182 million requested.

4 -- 1st Street Bridge Architectural Lighting

New wiring, fixtures and lighting intended to illuminate the details on the 1st street bridge. $1 million project, with $800,000 requested from Metro.

Transit Capitol

5 -- Chinatown / El Pueblo / Cesar Chavez Multimodal Eco-Transit Park

"Sustainable green place making nodes involving bus stop consolidation and realignment" at the northeast corner of Cesar Chavez and Grand and the southwest corner of Cesar Chavez and Spring. $3 million project, with a $2.1 million request.

8 -- Broadway Multimodal Park & Go Parking Structure

Funding for the parking garage the Bringing Back Broadway effort wants to build. $30 million structure with retail and transit info on the ground floor; $4 million requested from Metro.

9 -- Streetcar Vehicle Purchase

This $4 million project would spec and buy one of the eight vehicles anticipated to be needed for the Downtown Streetcar. The city's requesting $3 million from Metro.

14 -- El Pueblo Park-and-Ride

A $20 million project to build a 400-space garage near Cesar Chavez and Spring. The city's asking for $16 million.

Transportation Demand Management

4 -- City Bicycle Share Program

The city wants to buy a fleet of bicycles for city staff to use on short trips. They've got the effort pegged at $600,000, and are asking for $480,000 from Metro.

9 -- Downtown Intermodal Transit Info & Wayfinding

Transit information and wayfinding as part of the Broadway streetscape work. $4.8 million project, with $3.84 million requested.

12 -- Downtown Angels Walk Stanchion Content Update

New maps for the Angels Walk stanchions, plus solar powered wifi routers.

Bikeway Improvements

6 -- Figueroa Corridor Bike Station & Cycling Enhancements

An "attended, full-service bike station" at Gilbert Lindsay Plaza outside the Convention Center, along with improvements to Figueroa and Flower between 7th street and MLK. It's a $2.6 million project with $2 million requested.


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