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Is What's Next For Fashion More of the Same?

By Drew Harrington
Published: Tuesday, March 24, 2009, at 08:54PM
_DSC5759 Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A model walks the runway during Affliction's show at California Market Center on Sunday.

It could that I'm just bitter I don’t have the biceps or the tattoos to pull off a heavily distressed and bedazzled tee, but I'm over the rock couture trend that has dominated the fashion world for the better part of two years.

As I left the final show at L.A.'s Fall Market Week, which featured collections by Marc Ecko, Ed Hardy jewelry and Affliction, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed. While there were a few standout pieces, most felt like the same totally hardcore garments I’ve seen on the racks at nearly every clothing store.

The first collection to walk was by Marc Ecko. It was all menswear with a casual urban feel and some nice detail. There were some good-looking jackets, a few button downs, some tees and a couple knitted pieces.

My two favorites were a lightweight members-only style zip-up and a six button tri-colored cardigan. I didn’t actually get my hands on any of the garments so I am not sure what they were constructed of but both the jacket and cardigan seemed to have a fairly lightweight drape to them. The chest detail on the jacket was just subtle enough to work for me but I could have done without the insignia on the cardigan. All in all, I wouldn’t mind seeing either of these pieces in my closet.

The second to show, and by far the most interesting presentation visually was Ed Hardy’s jewelry collection, sported by both male and female models. The women were scantily clad in an attempt to draw the attention toward the jewelry itself, which I’m not sure was successful. At moments, I found myself more interested in where the eclectic group of models was found and where they learned to walk and not the jewelry they were actually wearing.

The female pieces were simple. They showed a few sets of hooped earrings, some necklaces, and a couple silver bracelets. My favorite piece for women was a wide silver armband that looked like it could have been worn with a multitude of ensembles.

The men got a few wallet chains, some linked bracelets and flamboyant neckpieces. The necklaces stole the show. Even on first glance it was easy to see that the detail was meticulous. My favorite was a large grimacing skull adorned with gold and silver flowers that I MIGHT consider wearing with my custom made “grill” as I listen to the new TI cd on my way to a Lakers game.

Affliction, one of the edgier brands in terms of the rock couture phenomenon, finished off the line up with a show that also showcased the brand's women's line, Sinful. Many of the pieces seemed like the same overly distressed, discolored, and expensive T shirts and hoody’s dressed with a fleur-de-lis that most people have been buying for the last couple years.

What happened to the idea that “less is more?” I struggled to find something I might actually take off the rack to look at in my local Nordstrom.

My two favorite pieces were worn together; a chocolate brown distressed bomber jacket and a wide caramel brown belt with a couple stainless rivets. Both were rugged, yet very clean. They were the best-looking pieces and yet the most simply designed.

It's unrealistic to expect every piece of a collection to be a showstopper, but it would be nice to see fashion, particularly on the men's side, take a step in a new direction.


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