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Nickel Diner Adds Dinner (Again)

By Pamela Rouse
Published: Tuesday, March 24, 2009, at 09:17PM
NickelDiner_1 Ed Fuentes

Los Angeles Magazine named the Nickel Diner the city's third best new restaurant for 2008.

The Nickel Diner has added a dinner menu... again.

Downtowners may recall the Nickel previously served dinner a couple months back. Owners Kristen Trattner and Monica May say they had to stop due to unhappiness with the team they had assembled at the time.

The diner is starting up with a fresh dinner crew and relying on word of mouth for the next week or so as they get into the flow of the new schedule. Dinner hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 6-11pm. (Breakfast and lunch served Tuesday through Sunday from 8am-3pm.)

The dinner menu is the same as before, including the double stuffed chicken, simply salmon and some of the lunchtime favorites such as the lowrider burger and the "smac and cheese." Always leave room for dessert, as pastry chef Sharlena is still baking up those legendary desserts.


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