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7+Fig Farmers' Market Opens

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, March 26, 2009, at 09:07PM
Tangerines Ed Fuentes

Fruit being sold in Ernst and Young Plaza. The 7+Fig Farmer's Market opened Thursday.

The sidewalk in front of 7+Fig became an odd urban village on Thursday as shoppers, carrying briefcases, carefully inspected apples, blood-red oranges, and strawberrys with the tact of a rural villager visiting the marketplace.

Nearby, actors in costume were promoting the upcoming “Monty Python’s Spamalot.” Walking by the knight-in-flimsy armor were Japanese competitors from the World Figure Skating Championships, who were stopped by ice-skating fans to autograph a program.

Just another day in Downtown.

The shopping complex has long had a weekly market buried in the bowels of the food court, but Thursday marked the start of a new version run by non-profit Raw Inspiration, which also runs markets at Bank of America Plaza and in Pershing Square (as of next week; the market formerly operated on 5th street).

Complex owner Brookfield Properties relocated the decade-old market to the upper plaza, with organic farmers placed along Figueroa. Those working in nearby office towers can see the crowds gather for a variety of lunch choices, fresh fruit and vegetables, breads, crafts and the ever present “Kettle-Korn.”

“Sometimes I forget about the market,” says Antoine Hernandez, who works on the upper floors of a nearby office tower. “Today I looked out the window and saw the top of tents and thought I would come down and take a look.’

Others did as well, and the lines were sometimes up to ten deep. Wisely, some 7+Fig food vendors set up their own stands and offered quick lunches. Down below in the food court, the Martgol Magic A-team Band played a lively jazz set to lunch rush.

A community village is how Brookfield approached this version of a farmers market. “This is the oldest of its kind downtown, and after 10 years it was time to expand,” says Brookfield Director of Marketing, Patrice Hopper. “We want to increase our outreach to the community, and show what amenities we have. We are still thriving.”

7+Fig Farmer’s Market / 7+Fig / Every Thursday from 11:30am to 3pm


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