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Ask the Trainer: Should I Vary My Workout?

By Billy Locke
Published: Friday, April 03, 2009, at 02:12PM
Wildflowers in Not a Cornfield Dave Bullock []

Wildflowers blooming last week in the Los Angeles State Historic Park, on Downtown's northern edge. A wide-angle shot makes Downtown look farther away than it really is.

Hey exercise fiends, another week of workouts has passed. Spring is here and it is time to shake it up.

The change of the seasons is a good time to alter your workout routine. So let’s get to it and talk shop about adding variety to your workouts.

Trainer Tip

Jeremy wrote in this week and asked, “Is it ok to do the same basic workout every week as long as I am working my whole body?” I like this question because I have seen so many people through out the years do just that. They perform the same sequence of exercises for every workout with occasional variations in cardio.

Doing the same workout can be likened to reading the same page in a book everyday for a year. Your muscles, including your brain, get super bored to say the least. By failing to add variety to your routine, your muscles will not tone as effectively, get bigger, become stronger, gain in endurance, become more limber -- whatever it is that you desire.

The key to an effective workout routine, as we know from my past blogs, is creating a well-rounded program with enough variance to keep you mentally interested as well as physically challenged.

Personally, I am going to shake up my own workouts by doing a Downtown exercise tour of duty starting on Saturday morning. I am going to run to Golds Gym, swim laps for 30 minutes, then run home. Later that evening I will rollerblade to The Nine MMA Fitness Studio and lift weights.

On Sunday, I will jog at the Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP), a cool Downtown exercise spot that my bud Eric told me about. LASHP, also known as the Cornfields or Not a Cornfield, is located at 1245 N. Spring Street, right next to Chinatown. It is a beautiful place to run or go on a nature walk. Sort of like an “in town” get away to nature thing -- for when you need to decompress.

That evening I will saunter over to Pilates Plus DTLA and grab a session with Joy and Judy. I love to do two-a-days by combining cardio and strength training in the same day.

Monday morning, I will stretch out with Krystal at her yoga studio located in South Park and swim laps at the pool where I live in the evening.

Tuesday, I will check out one of the boot camps offered Downtown in the morning and sweat my butt off at Bikram Yoga at night.

You guys get the picture. I like the variety to make my workouts more exciting. I wake up in the morning jazzed to do something different.

I’ll do a sequence like this: mix it up for a month and then switch up to a more basic routine for two months and then shake it up again. I never give my mind or body the opportunity to get bored and complacent. Try it out and tell me what you think.

Downtown Exercise Spots

We will have a new yoga and spinning studio opening in the Gas Company Lofts on the ground floor in June. I will announce it again when the doors officially open. If I have overlooked your studio or gym please drop me a line at to tell me about it. I am all about promoting the healthy Downtown spots.

Check back next Friday as we answer another email from

Til next time—Exercise More, Play Hard, Work Smart.

Billy Locke

Extreme Natural Fitness Trainer


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