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Pillow Fight Day Returns to Pershing Square

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, April 03, 2009, at 04:54PM
raining Ed Fuentes

2008 Global Pillow Fight Day in Pershing Square. This year, the battle of feathers will be "encouraged" to be on the small grass field, and not near the fountain, says Pershing Square management.

When International Pillow Fight Day returns to Pershing Square tomorrow, park management hopes to see the event leave less of a mark on the square. Last March, several hundred pillow enthusiasts took over the south end of Pershing Square, leaving the fountain's drains clogged with feathers. This year, staff hopes to see the grassy open-space on the north end used for the feathered battle-ground instead.

Beyond those minor logistic concerns, Pershing Square welcomes the event.

Last year, LAPD broke up the pillow fight after an hour. This year Louise Capone, Pershing Square's Senior Recreation Director, has given notice of what to expect to the department and her security personnel.

Capone is making sure that the park has plenty of trash bags on hand for picking up stray feathers, but doesn't intend to have her staff take too direct a role in the event. "If we are too involved, it takes away from the anarchy and the fun," she says. She was a bit concerned at an overlap in events last year, when the park was holding a Children's Easter Egg Hunt. ""We had kids wanting to join in the pillow fight, and pillow fighters wanting to play on the blow up kids slides."

Pillow Fight Day festivities take place at 3:00pm on April 4. More information can be found on the Los Angeles Pillow Fight site.


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