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Central Area Weekly Update: April 7, 2009

By blogdowntown Staff
Published: Tuesday, April 07, 2009, at 08:27PM

Each week Captain Blake Chow, Commanding Officer of LAPD's Central Division, sends out an email to the community. Captain Chow has agreed to let blogdowntown bring his emails to our readers.

This week Central posted the following crime numbers:

Violent crime is up 6 percent YTD which equates to 15 crimes. Robbery is up 5 percent YTD or 7 crimes more than last year and aggravated assault is up 10 percent or 12 more than last year. This week, the robberies in skid row were spread out and did not reveal any patterns. There were two robberies in the are of Hill and 5th to 7th, but one was a bank robbery and the other a strong arm street robbery. Not related. Although violent crime is up, it is trending down compared to 6 weeks ago when it was up in double digits.

There were no patterns regarding aggravated assault. Most of them occurred in the skid row area and involved strong arm disputes over issues between two people.

Property Crime is down 20 percent. Burglary is down 31 percent, Grand Theft Auto is down 20 percent, Burglary from motor vehicle is down 23 percent and personal theft is down 14 percent.

Regarding property crime, the Fashion District was his by one burglary this week on Maple south of Pico in which several thousand dollars worth of clothing was taken. The vehicle required to transport such a large amount of clothing would have to be large, so those in that area should be aware of trucks parked in that area during the late night and early morning hours.

The area of Chinatown in the North Bunker Hill area was hit by 4 burglary from motor vehicles. Please ensure those that live up there and park vehicles in the street DO NOT leave anything of value visible. All of these crimes are opportunistic crimes and involve the taking of GPS Units, Purses, etc..


The Immigrant Rights Demonstration on Saturday April 4th went smoothly. Again, thanks to the involvement of some of the BID security officers for helping us along the route with public awareness etc. This demonstration involved the downtown Center BID and Southpark BID. The event drew about 2,500 demonstrators and concluded early. No issues.

At this point there are no other known planned major demonstrations in the downtown area until May 1. As of right now, there are two planned marches that day, which is a Friday. I will update you when the permits and planning becomes more solidified.

As a personal note, thank you to Edgar Varela and lilli Muller for hosting my meet and greet at the Continental Gallery. Additionally, thank you to the various DT groups that supported the event and to those that showed up. It was very enjoyable and nice to meet the great community members who live and work in downtown LA.


Captain III Blake Chow

Commanding Officer
LAPD Central Area


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