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Prop Building Appears on Spring As Part of CSI:NY Set

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, April 08, 2009, at 03:40PM
Fake Building on Spring Eric Richardson [Flickr]

This brick "building" between the Hayward and Premiere Towers is part of a set for CSI:NY.

Passersby might be a bit confused to see that a new building has sprung up on Spring street, filling in a parking lot between the Hayward Hotel and Premiere Towers.

It won't be around long, though, and from the sounds of it, its demise might be a loud one.

On Monday and Tuesday, CSI:NY will be filming, and the scene involves a semi truck getting rammed into the prop structure, which is supposed to be a diner.

INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SINGLE SHOT, FULL LOAD GUNFIRE. BREAKING GLASS, SIMULATED BULLET EFFECTS ON BODY/ THINGS, DUST HITS & SPARK EFFECTS. (SIMULATE A SHORT, POWERFUL GUN BATTLE) Pending Community Survey Camera cars. Condor and crane. Generator. Picture vehicles. Scissor lifts. Atmospheric smoke effects. Weapons brandished. Driving scenes. Emergency vehicles with flashing lights. Equipment on property, sidewalk, curb lane and across the street. Interior and exterior dialogue. Occasional traffic and pedestrian control. Near hits & misses. Stunt driving. Running & toe shots. Wetting of the street. Semi tractor driving into diner set built in parking lot. Simulated gun fight & kidnapping.

The shoot makes for a busy scene on that block of Spring, where production for ABC pilot Limelight has been camped at 650 S. Spring for more than a week.

The filming notification for CSI shows shooting scheduled for 5am to midnight on the two days.


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