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A Crafty Solution to Art Walk's Sidewalk Issues

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, April 16, 2009, at 06:44PM
artwalk04099 Pamela Rouse [Flickr]

A combined community effort allowed a parking lot become an outdoor craft vendor gallery.

April's Downtown Art Walk had a new spring in its step, and congratulations need to be given to those who worked to find a creative solution to the problem of sidewalk circulation.

Something was needed allow foot traffic to move more freely on Main street, where vendors had taken up residence between Winston and 5th in increasing numbers. That all involved could agree on a solution so quickly speaks highly of the Downtown community.

The dialogue between Captain Blake Chow, Sergeant Kris Werner, Tom Gilmore, Bert Green, Russell Brown, Skid Row Housing Trust and the craft vendors led to a Main street parking lot being made available for the vendors.

The layout allowed extra room for people to walk around, and made life easier both for those interested in looking at the handmade wares and for those simply looking to pass by.

Arrangements to use the same parking lot again are in progress, according to Brown. It just may take a small fee from vendors. "It helps with security and trash pickup," says Brown. "Overall, it worked well for everyone."


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