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Around the Halls: April 20 - 22

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, April 19, 2009, at 11:47PM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, April 20, and it's a busy week at City Hall. On Tuesday eight committees found their way onto the calendar, a number that has to be some sort of record. On the agendas are talk of DTV coupons, the naming of Parker Center, the film permitting RFP and more.

MONDAY: Only Public Safety committee is on the agenda today. No Downtown-specific items, though CF 08-2385 deals with increasing civil liabilities for graffiti.

TUESDAY: Council's in session, along with eight committees (?!?!?).

At Council, item 18 (CF 07-1586 is the film permitting services RFP, the watered-down third draft of which was heard at Public Works committee last week.

Item 37, CF 07-3989-S1, asks that the city put up signs advertising the Hail-a-Taxi program, but they're for Hollywood, not Downtown.

Item 38, CF 09-0803, would name the intersection of 7th & Broadway 'Delijani Square.'

At Planning and Land Use committee, item 4 is CF 08-2020, the new signage ordinance.

At Information Technology and General Services, CF 08-1594-S3 is a motion asking the city's Information Technology Agency to report on the problems that individuals in non-permanent housing (such as many of the SRO hotels Downtown) are having getting DTV converter coupons.

Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness meets at 2pm in City Hall Room 1060.

WEDNESDAY: Council meets again, with only two committees on the calendar.

At Council, item 11 is CF 09-0546, the motion to name the new LAPD headquarters Parker Center. This because somewhat controversial last week, but seems likely to still pass.

Item 21 (CF 09-0385 and CF 09-0385-S1 is the Downtown Design Guide and Urban Design Standards, which amend the Central City Community Plan and various bits of Municipal Code.


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