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Ask the Trainer: Relax and Get a Massage

By Billy Locke
Published: Sunday, April 26, 2009, at 08:08PM

I was surprised with the fervor in the response to my blog on structured water last week. My intent is to always illuminate the best path to wellness and water is an integral component. Identifying the best sources of water are imperative for the health and well-being of our society. This is why I brought the subject up about structured water.

The market place is jammed with too many different brands of water that are either contaminated with toxins or make undeliverable claims. I have read for years about structured water and came to believe the basic tenets about it - that our cells are discretionary in their permeability of water. Additionally, true structured waters utilize vapor distillation with filtration and ionization to remove all harmful impurities and cancer causing agents. There's a lot of nasty stuff that can end up in our water.

The latter point is key because multiple studies have been conducted nationally demonstrating that our water supplies including bottled water are contaminated with everything from bisphenol A (BPA) and lead to pharmaceutical drugs: Science Daily, USA Today, another USA Today, NBC Los Angeles, Environmental Working Group.

If hexagonal water is a hoax, we still have the question about contamination in our water. Structured bottle water is not contaminated like the other reported water sources because of the stringent purification process that it goes through.

I agree with those who brought up cost. It is ridiculous that some water companies charge exorbitant amounts of money for their product. Ultimately, our tap water should be clean and pure like structured water with no additional cost over what we pay now.

I invite Paul Shin, Dogolaca and anybody else who wants to partake, to sit down and discuss whether or not hexagonal water is chicanery. Anybody can say that it is false but scientific proof is needed to disprove it. I would love to review Paul’s findings first hand.

I am not hung up on structured water. All I care about is cleaning up our water supply and having access to pure, clean, inexpensive water that delivers health and wellbeing for all.

As I originally stated, my only purpose is to identify and bring to light all things that contribute to helping people achieve their true genetic potential (Extreme Natural Fitness Trainer). Let’s agree to disagree in order to bring more light to the situation. I am on the same side as you are. I became a trainer to help people.

Trainer Tip

This week’s wellness prescription for most will be easy to follow. I’m talking about getting a massage. With all the working out I’m sure everybody is doing you will need to give yourself some recuperative down time. A massage has many therapeutic benefits, which include:

  • Increased blood flow to tissues and vital organs
  • Reduced muscle soreness after exercise
  • Decreased muscle recovery time
  • Preparation of your body for strenuous exercise
  • Relaxing of injured and overused muscles
  • Reduced spasms and cramping
  • Increased joint flexibility
  • Boosted immune response to foreign invaders
  • Released endorphins, thus reducing stress levels

Try to average at least one massage professionally a month and trade-off with a friend or spouse to make it once a week. Massage is a great emotional reliever as well as physical. Be creative and make it a regular occurrence for you.

Downtown Day Spas

Try one of our Downtown day spas and lose yourself in massage ecstasy.

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Check back next Friday and I will answer an email from

Til next time—Exercise More, Play Hard, Work Smart.

Billy Locke

Extreme Natural Fitness Trainer


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