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Around the Halls: May 18 - 21

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, May 18, 2009, at 08:17AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Today is Monday, May 18, and it is going to be a busy week at City Hall. Council's in session on a Monday to discuss the budget, and Tuesday a citywide mixed-income housing ordinance comes to committee.

MONDAY: A rare Monday meeting of the City Council as the budget discussion continues.

First, though, at 8:30am the Education and Neighborhoods committee discusses CF 09-1115, a proposal that would move neighborhood council elections from March 2010 to after July 1, 2010, thus making them next year's budget issue and not this year's.

Back in Council, everything centers around CF 09-0600, the budget motion. Employee furloughs will be discussed as employee unions rally outside City Hall. The special events process (and the fee waivers it entails) will be discussed, as will proposals to privatize parking resources.

While budget discussion is only listed for Monday, it is not at all unlikely that it would extend into future days as a special agenda item.

TUESDAY: Council's back in session, and joined by three committees.

At Council, item 12 is CF 08-2402-S1, the motion where Council collectively says "Oops" on the LA Marathon date change, and asks that it return to a Sunday in March. The motion also asks that various city departments meet with the marathon to develop a new route that "showcases the beauty, diversity and excitement of our great community."

A joint meeting of the Planning and Land Use and Housing and Community Development committees will hear a report from the Planning department on CF 08-2614, a citywide mixed-income housing ordinance. As we mentioned back in December the technical advisory committee created to work on this ordinance includes several Downtown representatives.

WEDNESDAY: Council and two committees are meeting.

At Council, two Downtown buildings are up for addition to the Historic Cultural Monument list. Item 14 is CF 09-0623, which would add the Foreman and Clark building at 701 S. Hill. Item 18 is CF 09-0723, which would add the Great Republic Life building at 756 S. Spring.

Item 23 is CF 09-0127, the first in a series of items that will accompany the renewal of the Industrial District BID. To reach this point the BID must have passed the 50% petition mark, by far the toughest part of renewal.


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