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Apliiq! In All The Right Places

By Drew Harrington
Published: Saturday, May 23, 2009, at 12:12PM
Apliiq Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Workshop and retail store on 6th, between Spring and Main.

First, pick your garment. Second, pick your color (or even just an adjective). And then, Apliiq!

It's quite simple. If you're looking for a way to have a hand in the design of your own hoodies, tee shirts, tanks, pants, jackets, shoes, or any other article of clothing, Apliiq! on 6th street needs to be your first stop.

Owner and designer Ethan Lipsitz uses a background in architecture and urban design to inform his style sense for matching standard items with fancifully selected touches of patterned fabrics.

The asymmetrical and geometric patchwork is simple, fun, and offers room for endless creativity. With a a lively collection of fabrics to adorn your desired piece of clothing, you're sure to find just what you are looking for.

For the ladies, Apliiq! has some impressive jewelry. Lipsitz's NY based creative partner, Jess Casper, is the creative behind those items, all of which had an attractive amount of detail to them. If I looked good in hoops, I just might have left with a pair.

While there are certainly items on the rack in Apliiq's small 6th street workshop, Lipsitz doesn't just produce and sell new pieces. You might just want to upcycle your favorite pair of jeans, tee shirt, or even sportcoat with some pattern and color from his ecclectic collection of fabrics. For under $40, fixing that favorite pair of jeans or hoody just became a lot more attractive than splurging on something new.

You won't be leaving with the Apliiq! logo stamped on all your clothes either. Lipsitz's effort is to steer clear of an excessive amount of branding. Apliiq! is "more product development than fashion," he says. He believes that the entire process of upcycling your own pieces or creating something new is about just that. Creating, and having fun with the process.

There are no limitations as to the creativity or application that Ethan encourages his customers to bring in. If it can be made from fabric, he'll do it. He even pumped out a couple cell phone case/cardholder/goody bags for me within minutes during my visit, without any announcement. With open-mindedness like this, I'm sure he wouldn't hesitate to play with other applications. Maybe some accessories for your bike or something for that beloved pet of yours?

Apliiq! / 548 S. Spring #114 / Los Angeles, CA 90013 / / 323.300.6492 / Follow @apliiq on Twitter


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