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Geotechnical Testing Set to Start for Regional Connector

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, June 05, 2009, at 04:10PM
Regional Connector Render: 2nd Street Looking West Metro

An early rendering of a proposed underground Historic Core station.

Boring for Metro's Regional Connector light rail link begins Monday, years before the project is scheduled to break ground.

A crew from Mactec Engineering will be drilling soil samples at various sites along the route to evaluate existing conditions. The results of their work will end up in the proposed project's Environmental Impact Report.

The Regional Connector is proposed to link Metro's line rail lines together, providing the potential for trains that could run from Long Beach to Pasadena and Culver City to East L.A. Two alternatives are currently under study, one that would run underground and one that would run at street level through the Historic Core and Civic Center.

Costs for the two options run from $709 - $910 million. During previous community meetings, speakers have overwhelmingly favored the underground option.

Work is scheduled for a number of sites throughout June and early July.

  • June 8/9: 5th/Flower
  • June 10/11: 2nd/Hope
  • June 15/16: 2nd/Los Angeles
  • June 16/18: 2nd/Main
  • June 19/22: 3rd/Flower
  • June 23/25: 2nd/San Pedro
  • June 25/26: 1st/Alameda
  • June 29/30: 1st/Alameda

  • July 1/2: 3rd/Flower

  • July 3/6: 2nd/Broadway
  • July 7/8: 2nd/Spring


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