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Around the Halls: June 8 - 10

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 08, 2009, at 08:30AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, June 8, and tomorrow is marijuana day at City Hall, with multiple pot-related items at both City Council and the Planning committee. Wednesday, Transportation committee will take up $5 million in funding for the Downtown streetcar.

MONDAY: Two committees are on the calendar. Budget and Finance will be meeting in the Council chambers to discuss the city's fiscal state for the upcoming year.

At 3pm, the Ad Hoc River Committee meets to talk about the future of the Los Angeles River.

TUESDAY: Council's in session, and three committees join it on the calendar.

At Council, CF 09-0600-S46 is a rework of the city's Special Events policy designed to cut down on the city's fee waivers. Farmers' markets and block parties are eligible for a 100% subsidy, but most other events are only eligible for a 50% waiver.

Item 7 is CF 08-0644, a motion to impose a $988 fee for residential hotel owners who wish to appeal their structure's inclusion on the Residential Hotel Ordinance.

Item 12 is CF 09-1233, a report on the CRA's discussions with AnsaldoBreda regarding the CleanTech Manufacturing Center. Council is asked to authorize CRA to execute a contract.

Item 18 is CF 09-0964, the Huizar motion removing the Hardship Exemption from the city's Interim Control Ordinance on marijuana dispensaries.

Just a little bit down the agenda, Council will consider the first of roughly 500 of the hardship exemption applications that have been filed already. Those are items 32 - 45.

Continuing the weed theme, Planning and Land Use Management will take up CF 08-0923, the city's proposed rules governing dispensaries.

The committee will also consider two more hardship exemptions.

WEDNESDAY: Council's back in session, again with three committee meetings.

At Housing, Community and Economic Development, CF 09-0874 is a CRA report on a Bunker Hill Arts Retention Program that would make six organizations eligible for a total of $275,000.

At Transportation committee, CF 09-0600-S48 is a discussion of how the city plans to spent Measure R Local Return funds.

CF 09-0600-S7 would allocate $5 million of those funds to planning and environmental work for the Downtown streetcar.


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