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Around the Halls: June 15 - 17

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 15, 2009, at 09:23AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

It's Monday, June 15, and fiscal issues again weigh heavily on the city's agendas. Budget & Finance considers juggling parking funds and whether to sell off the city's parking resources to a private entity. Also on the calendar, bicycle issues are headed to Transportation committee.

MONDAY: Two committees are in session: Budget and Finance and the ad-hoc River committee.

At Budget and Finance, CF 09-0600-S120 is described as a "Joint CAO/CLA report relative to the Public Private Partnership (P3) proposal for parking garages and meters." The file does not exist in the Council File Index as of 9am.

Slightly earlier in the agenda, CF 09-1003 amends the Municipal Code to allow Special Parking Revenue Funds to be spent on the legal and administrative costs in studying private partnerships for parking resources.

TUESDAY: Council and four committees have agendas posted.

At Council, item 10 is CF 08-0600-S69, which moves funding obligations around to create a $38 million surplus in the Special Parking Revenue Fund. That money can then be sent to the General Fund. Affected is funding for a garage at 1st & Aiso, site of the current LAPD Motorpool.

Item 27 is CF 09-0002-S89, support for H.R. 2164, the Federal Streetcar Revitalization Act of 2009. The act would make it easier for streetcar projects to get federal small starts transportation funding.

At Planning and Land Use Management, CF 07-4099-S2 is an item asking Planning department to make technical corrections to the grants for AMP Lofts at 695 Santa Fe.

WEDNESDAY: Council's back in session and joined by five committees.

Transportation committee makes a special 8am appearance, with an agenda that is focused on bicycle issues. Included is CF 09-1035, a motion asking for a report on incidents between LAPD and cyclists.

At Council, item 8 is CF 09-0874, a CRA report on providing up to a total of $275,600 to six arts organizations on Bunker Hill.

At Arts, Parks, Health and Aging, CF 08-1544 is the proposed ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas that first came up in January.


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