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A Bit of Humor on an Ugly Night

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, June 15, 2009, at 11:19AM
Laker Eric Richardson [Flickr]

After most of the action in Sunday night's post-Lakers "celebration" had died down, I took a walk through South Park to take a few photos. The situation was still tense, with a heavy LAPD presence, but these two women working at Ralphs gave a bit of humor to a night that needed it.

By the time I made my way over toward the grocery store I had already seen two LAPD arrests, a team of officers doing a sweep through a parking lot, and officers standing guard over a looted gas station. There were still the occasional shady characters running down streets, and while the situation didn't feel unsafe, it was certainly one in which to keep your guard up.

I arrived at Ralphs and noticed the shopping carts barricading the front doors. Two women were standing there, signaling that the store was closed to those who might try to enter. I started to take a photo, and then stopped to help a guy who was wondering where the next-nearest grocery option might be.

By the time I turned back, the two women had gone and grabbed a "This Checkstand Closed" sign and were inside mugging for the camera.

I thought it great to see the two able to laugh at what must have been a tense situation for them just an hour or so earlier.


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