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Central Area Weekly Update: June 13, 2009

By blogdowntown Staff
Published: Tuesday, June 16, 2009, at 02:04PM

Each week Captain Blake Chow, Commanding Officer of LAPD's Central Division, sends out an email to the community. Captain Chow has agreed to let blogdowntown bring his emails to our readers.

As ofJune 13, 2009 Central reported the following crime numbers. All numbers are YTD unless otherwise noted.

  • Violent Crime up 10 percent. (or 43 crimes more than last year)
  • Homicides are up 100 percent (2 vs 1)
  • Rapes are down 15 percent
  • Robbery is up 5 percent ( 11 more than last year or .85 per week )
  • Agg Assaults are up 16 percent (34 more than last year or 1.8 per week. Eleven of the aggravated assaults were from the officer involved shooting a few months ago in which the suspect tried to run over citizens and police officers)

Total Violent Crime is up only 43 crimes from last year.

There are no patterns with respect to violent crime this week.

  • Property Crime is down 10 percent
  • Burglary is down 22 percent
  • Grand Theft Auto is down 20 percent
  • Burgl from Motor vehicle is down 7 percent
  • Personal Theft is down 5 percent

Total Part I Crimes are down 5 percent for the division. Downtown still has the lowest total numbers or crime in the City. We have been averaging about 70 crimes per week. The same weekly average from 2006 (post SCI), 2007 and 2008. Any small numerical increase lead to large percentage jumps because of the small numbers of total crime. We are showing over 100 less crimes this year than the nearest Division.

Safer Cities Initiative

Often times, when we look at crime numbers from week to week in an area such as downtown, we see small reductions or percentage increases that are small in total numbers.

Sometimes we forget about the impact we all have made here in downtown during the last three years. Safer Cities and all of our partners, the BIDs, Service Providers, City Attorney, Community Stake Holders have made a significant impact in crime during the last three years.

This is but a piece that makes people feel safe, which in turn allows for positive changes to come to downtown. In comparing the 35 months BEFORE Safer Cities versus the 35 months after Safer Cities crime has been REDUCED by almost 40 percent. This is a great story, especially when you look at the lives saved as well as the money that you the community saved through reducing crime and thus the cost of crime.


Sunday night was a busy night for us due to the Laker Win. We deployed very heavily at the Staple Center and LA Live during the game to ensure that those two icons of Downtown Los Angeles were not damaged by an unruly crowd. Our police officers did their jobs effectively and professionally when met with an unruly crowd, very few of whom live, work or play in the downtown area. In light of us having m80s, glass bottles, rocks etc thrown at us, we were able to disperse the crowd from the Staples/LA Live area. We were also able to deal with the smaller factions of criminals that broke off and vandalized property in other parts of the division. I believe that through the work of our police officers and others damage was kept to a minimum. It is unfortunate we have to deal with this but our officers did a good job.

The Parade begins tomorrow. It will begin at Staples Center with and proceed south of Figueroa to the Coliseum. The area lf LA Live and Staples Center will be closed to the public late tonight and into the AM tomorrow. Upon the parade buses leaving the area, Staples and LA Live will be reopened for normal operations as will Figueroa. The parade begins at noon.


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