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Palm Court Renovations Unveiled As Part of Pershing Square Neighbor Weekend

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Tuesday, June 30, 2009, at 06:43AM
Hal and Scooter Ed Fuentes

Hal Bastian and Scooter investigate the redone Palm Court area at Pershing Square.

Improvements to Pershing Square's Palm Court were unveiled on Sunday, but the space isn't yet the dog park that many in the neighborhood are excited to see.

The ribbon-cutting came during the park's Neighbor Day Weekend, which featured outdoor art, a bicycle ride, yoga and music.

The event brought signs of life to the oft-criticized park. Street theater band Killsonic played loud on Saturday, and Brazilian music group Brasil Brazil played late on Sunday.

The Sunday ribbon-cutting introduced an interim layout for the Palm Court area. While the community has been presented with plans that would include an official K-9 area, the current iteration includes only a sprucing up and landscaping improvements.

Although the Palm Court is actually neither dog park nor dog run, pet owners are welcomed to take leashed pets to the court––beyond the drought resistance plants––to prevent patches of grass from deterioration.

Barry Sanders, President of the Board of Recreation and Parks, said that the current work is part of a longer process. "You keep doing small steps," he said, "and when you come back in five years, its terrific."

Those small steps include the relocation of the Wednesday Farmers' Market from 5th street to Pershing Square and adding to the free summer concert series that grown under the booking skills of Pershing Square's Louise Capone. The 2009 series begins July 15 with Wednesday Spaceland Under the Stars featuring FOL CHEN.


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