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More Than Just a Coffee Shop, It's 'Multeepurpose'

By Rich Alossi
Published: Friday, July 10, 2009, at 08:56AM
Multeepurpose Cafe and Retail Store, Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles Rich Alossi [Flickr]

Multeepurpose cafe and concept store in Little Tokyo.

"Organic" may be the biggest buzzword of our time, as members of this generation deal with the consequences of pesticide overuse and factory farming. What can the average person do to bring change to the system?

According to new Little Tokyo coffee shop and concept clothing store Multeepurpose, that answer may be as simple as buying a cup of coffee.

The shop is part of Effortless Activism, a group formed to help consumers make small lifestyle changes with a big impact.

Local, Eco-aware, Socially Responsible Food, Drinks and Clothing

Owner Ruriko Yamada, a Downtown resident, spent over a year securing the proper permits for the space in the ground floor of Teramachi at 3rd and San Pedro streets.

The shop's light cafe fare has a decidedly 'responsible' touch: Leaf Organics delivers vegetarian, vegan and raw packaged goods for sale, while French pastries will come from La Boulangerie, a fixture at local farmers' markets.

Naturally, coffee beans from Valley-based Lillo are organic. Through the end of July, Multeepurpose is offering a soft-opening special, with $1.00 hot coffee and $1.50 iced coffee.

Even the store's clothing component, designed in-house, is environmentally sound: Designer T-shirts are produced in California using organic cotton. Twenty percent of Multeepurpose's profits go to a variety of community organizations, including the Downtown-based Chrysalis, the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy and

Get Your Caffeine Buzz and Support Your Local Farmer

Multeepurpose is working with CSA California (community-supported agriculture) to become a drop-off point for fresh produce baskets every Tuesday. The program is available to all Downtowners and is a great way to receive healthy food grown locally in Southern California.

True to its name, the shop is also working with the Japanese Cultural Village Plaza across the street to activate the underused space and bring a weekly farmers' market and 'green flea market' to Little Tokyo.

Multeepurpose opened softly last week with hours from 8:00am - 8:00pm daily. A grand opening is set for August 8, with WiFi service to begin next weekend.

Multeepurpose Cafe: 269 S. San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA 90012, (877) 468-5833,, open daily 8:00am-8:00pm.


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