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Around the Halls: July 13 - 15

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, July 13, 2009, at 09:04AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Today is Monday, July 13, and city agendas are busy. On the agendas this week are talk of the Michael Jackson memorial, a bike rental facility for El Pueblo, a beer and wine license for the Cecil and funding for signage enforcement.

MONDAY: Two committees are in session, Public Safety and Budget and Finance.

At Public Safety committee, the City Controller, Emergency Management Department, Police Department and Fire Department will all report on the $50,000 spent on lunches for officers working last week's memorial service for Michael Jackson. The boxed meals were ordered from Jensen's in Wrightwood, kicking off a cloud of controversy.

At Budget and Finance committee, CF 08-0600-S69 is an item having to do with the Special Parking Revenue Fund. Council had passed the item, declaring a surplus (which allows the extra funds to go to general use) and directing funding to two garage projects, including one to be built on the site of the existing LAPD Motorpool on 1st street. The Mayor vetoed, saying that the garage work sent too little of the parking revenue to the reserve fund.

TUESDAY: Council's in session, and joined by two committees.

At Council, item 27 is CF 09-0600-S3, a motion by Councilman Jose Huizar that an additional Investigator be added to the Street Services signage enforcement budget.

Council will consider a batch of medical marijuana hardship exemption applications that have already been heard at Planning and Land Use. Among them is CF 05-0872-S245, the recently opened dispensary at 6th and Spring.

The final item on the agenda is CF 09-1678, a motion asking a number of city entities to report back to Council on their actions related to the memorial service for Michael Jackson.

At Planning and Land Use Management, CF 07-4099-S2 is a motion asking for some language to be corrected in the approvals for AMP Lofts, planned to be located at 695 S. Santa Fe.

WEDNESDAY: Council's again in session, and five committees join it on the calendar.

At Housing, Community and Economic Development, CF 08-0644, the new fee for determining whether a hotel room is residential or transient, continues to work its way through the system. Council approved the fee in principal on June 9, and now much hear the ordinance.

At Council, item 2 is a hearing on CF 09-1484, the alcohol license for the Cecil Hotel on Main street. What was once intended to be a full liquor license and offer room service to the hotel above has now been reduced to beer and wine service only for the restaurant to be opened on the ground floor.

Item 12 is CF 09-0127, a ballot tabulation for renewal of the Downtown Industrial District BID.

Arts, Parks, Health and Aging will consider CF 09-1403, a Huizar motion asking that the city look into creating a rent-a-bike facility at El Pueblo.

At Audits and Governmental Efficiency, CF 09-1584-S1 is a motion requesting that the GM of El Pueblo to provide an update on lease negotiations with tenants in the facility. In its budget talks, Council gave a deadline of December for all leases to be done.


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