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Around the Halls: July 27 - 29

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, July 27, 2009, at 08:41AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Today is Monday, July 27, and on the agendas in City Hall this week are a few of Downtown's favorite topics. A motion challenging the LAPD's proposed policy to strip film officers of their uniforms comes to Personnel committee, and marijuana collective rules again come to the Planning committee. Also on the agendas, a motion asking for less of those pesky compact parking spaces.

MONDAY: Public Safety and Budget and Finance committees are in session.

At Public Safety, the uniforms worn by retired officers on film shoots top the agenda. The motion by Councilman Tom LaBonge, CF 09-1683, asks the LAPD to come and report on its plans to change the uniforms worn by these officers. It's not hard to tell which side LaBonge is on in the debate. His motion says that "usefulness of [the traffic officers] is primarily based on the fact that the retired police officers are in uniform."

Also sure to be hotly debated is the last item on the agenda, which says that "Los Angeles Fire Department to present verbal report regarding Modified Deployment Plan." Budget issues continue to stay on the table, and the modified deployments would be a cost-saving move by the city and are being opposed by the department.

At Budget and Finance, the shakeout from budget issues at the city, state and federal levels continues to be the hot topic. The committee asks for a report on state and federal budget talks and the ramifications for the city's funding, and instructs all departments to report on new organizational structures.

TUESDAY: Council is in session, as are two committees.

A short Council agenda doesn't have any Downtown-specific items.

Budget talks again loom large, with discussion of the state budget and the Community Redevelopment Agency's planned participation in a lawsuit against the state by the Community Redevelopment Agencies Association. The Fire Department's funding and deployment plans are also at Council for discussion.

At Planning and Land Use Management, CF 07-2139 should resonate with many drivers. The motion -- oddly introduced two years ago -- asks that the Planning department take a look at whether structures should be required to provide more standard-sized spaces and less of those compact spaces that barely fit compact cars.

Also on the agenda, again, is CF 08-0923, a proposed ordinance creating rules for medical marijuana collectives in the city.

At Personnel committee is CF 09-0600-S135, a request to fund the positions necessary to create a One Stop Special Events Permitting Office, part of a plan to revamp how the city issues permits for events.

WEDNESDAY: Council and only one committee have filed agendas.

At Housing, Community and Economic Development, CF 07-3899 is a request by the CRA to covert a $4.5 acquisition loan for the Ford Hotel on 7th street to a permanent loan. SRO Housing Corp. is anticipated to begin work on the building in February of 2010.

Also in committee, CF 09-1737 asks various departments to report on the funding required to implement the L.A. River Revitalization Master Plan and the Cleantech corridor.

At Council, CF 09-1253 is the CRA's proposed program to provide grants and loans for facade work and signage in the Historic Core.

Council will also enter closed session to consider CF 08-1573-S1, the various lawsuits between the city and signage companies.


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