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Around the Halls: August 3 - 6

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, August 03, 2009, at 09:16AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Today is Monday, August 3, and it is shaping up to be a typical week at City Hall. Thursday brings a special meeting dedicated to medical marijuana dispensaries, while on Tuesday the Planning committee will consider a live/work change that could rejuvenate the Downtown condo market.

MONDAY: Only Budget & Finance committee meets today.

Continued from July 13, CF 08-0600-S69 is an item having to do with the Special Parking Revenue Fund. Council had passed the item, declaring a surplus (which allows the extra funds to go to general use) and directing funding to two garage projects, including one to be built on the site of the existing LAPD Motorpool on 1st street. The Mayor vetoed, saying that the garage work sent too little of the parking revenue to the reserve fund.

TUESDAY: Council's in session, as are four committees.

At Jobs, Business Growth and Tax Reform is CF 09-0633. The motion, made by Councilwoman Perry back in March, would extend a tax credit offered to film and multimedia companies in Hollywood and North Hollywood, allowing those located Downtown to similarly benefit.

At Council, item 14 is CF 09-0600-S135, the funding for the One Stop Special Events Permit Procedure and Fee Subsidy Program, part of a plan to revamp how the city issues permits for events. The item was at Personnel committee last week.

Item 15 is CF 09-4099-S2, technical corrections to the approvals for the AMP Lofts at 695 Santa Fe. This is the project that was denied by Planning at the start of the Industrial Land Use debate, before Council stepped in and approved it itself.

At Planning and Land Use Management, item 4 is CF 09-1845, the change in definition of live/work that could make Downtown condos easier to finance.

Item 10 is CF 09-1884, a technical item related to the Broadway Community Design Overlay, which recently passed through City Planning Commission.

WEDNESDAY: Council's back in session, with five committees meeting.

At Council, item 1 is CF 08-0644, a hearing on the fee for reassessing whether hotels are residential or transient. At a recent committee meeting, hotel owners and representatives complained that the city had unfairly characterized hotels as residential and not answered the phones when they called to get their status changed.

Item 13 is CF 07-3899, a CRA loan agreement with SRO Housing Corp. for redevelopment of the Ford Hotel on 7th street.

Item 14, CF 09-1737, instructs various departments to report on how much money it would take to implement the L.A. River Revitalization plan and the Cleantech Corridor.

Item 29 is CF 08-0508-S3, a motion authorizing the Bureau of Engineering to apply to Caltrans for a $4.5 million grant to pay for work already in progress to widen the First Street Bridge and accomodate the Gold Line Eastside Extension.

In closed session, Council will meet with the City Attorney's office in regards to CF 08-1573-S1, various lawsuits related to billboards and supergraphics.

Audits and Governmental Efficiency will get an update on Quimby fees and the Department of Recreation and Parks ability to track their use. The committee also heard the item, CF 07-3387-S1, back in January.

THURSDAY: Planning and Land Use Management returns to the calendar a second time to hold a special meeting all about pot.

The body will hold hearings on 20 hardship exemption applications, and note-and-file 19 more from applicants that have since withdrawn.

Included are a pair of Downtown locations: Herbal Love Cooperative at 748 S. San Pedro (CF 05-0872-S461) and Downtown Discount Caregivers, Inc. at 111 E. 9th (CF 05-0872-S461).


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