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Fashion Walk Debuts With Hits and Misses

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, August 21, 2009, at 11:38AM
woman with hats Ed Fuentes

Undisclosed Fashion Walk goers are incognito thanks to hats at "You're the Top-One Night Event" at the Spring Arts Tower. ADD (From left to right): DeepGlamour editor Virginia Postrel, neon artist Lili Lakich, neon artist Candice Gawne, and "sexologist" S

Shane Guffogg of Pharmaka has often told the story of the first Art Walk, in May of 2004. 12 people came to his gallery and they were all friends of his.

The first Downtown Fashion Walk had easily tripled that by 6pm.

Snarky fashion-ish commentary aside, it is possible for Downtown Fashion Walk to fill the big contemporary-chic social shoes of Downtown Art Walk with some organization. Maybe a tighter footprint, between 6pm to closing, for the inaugural year is in order, allowing a critical mass to spill over to Broadway and the afternoon once things get rolling.

Some stores and pop-ups displays were a no-show or closed early, but the Spring Arcade building made a nice backdrop for comics participating in the single-site Comedy Walk. Placing the acts at the East End would bring activity closer together.

There were certainly quality goods to be found on the first Fashion Walk, as stores like Crack Gallery, Chanelli Outlet, Stella Dottir, Flea, Ed Hardy, and Skin.Graft were joined by pop-ups like Jenny Han and Rhys-Dwefen.

Downtown Fashion Walk was trying a lot of things on its first night out, but it might take a bit for us to see what fits.


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