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Housekeeping Updates: Most Viewed Stories and Sidebar Reorganization

By Eric Richardson
Published: Sunday, August 30, 2009, at 09:16PM
Top Traffic Widget blogdowntown

The blogdowntown sidebar got a minor facelift this evening, just a little something to make sure it stays useful. Wrapped in with some minor tweaks is one feature that should prove interesting, though: a view of what stories get the most views here on the site.

The "Most Viewed Stories" widget in the top left corner of the sidebar provides an almost real time -- it updates every half-hour -- view of the six stories with the most page views over the past seven days.

Right now, for instance, it seems Downtown development is hot. The top story is our Tuesday piece on yesterday's sales at Concerto and Rowan with 1165 views. That's followed by our story on the Third Man Records Pop-Up Store, which has 1108 views.

If you notice anything acting up and think it may have gotten missed in the updates, just send an email to


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