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Shiny New Exterior at the Rosslyn Lofts

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, September 08, 2009, at 06:19PM
Rosslyn Lofts Cleanup Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Black neeting was removed from the 5th street face of the Rosslyn Lofts today, revealing a shiny restored exterior.

It's amazing what a little scrub will do for a historic building.

The crew at work on lower floors of the Rosslyn Lofts today began removing the black net that has shrouded the structure for the past month. Unveiled are bright, creamy terra cotta details previously covered in a deep layer of sooty grime.

The transformation becomes even more clear when one looks at the Rosslyn's 1923 annex, located across 5th street. It once matched its 1912 sibling, but today sports a dirty gray instead of the healthy cream color.

Affordable housing provider The Amerland Group began renting lower-floor units in the Rosslyn Lofts building in July. The company was in escrow to purchase the southern annex, but as of blogdowntown's most recent information that deal has not been finalized and the building was no longer in escrow.


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