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Quick Hat Tip to Downtown's Retail History

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, September 17, 2009, at 05:04PM
Hats Ed Fuentes

Baltazar Rosa: Historic Downtown's hat salesman.

HAT WALK: In his youth, Baltazar Rosa worked for New York Hats until the demand for derbys and fedoras slowed down in the 80s. Rosa then opened up a smaller hat stand in the long interior corridor that was once the Old Chocolate Shoppe.

Outside, on 6th street between Broadway and Spring, there is a small painted sign that reads New York Hats, making his stall and location a link to Downtown's retail history. The original New York Hats now houses Bert Green Fine Art, and you can still see the terrazzo floor at the entrance.

New York Hats is listed on the map for tonight's Downtown Fashion Walk, offering an alternative to those mod and hip pop-up stores that will be found around the Historic Core.

New York Hats / 217 W. 6th


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