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After Closure, The Gorbals Set to Return

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, September 23, 2009, at 11:16AM
The Gorbals Restaurant, Downtown Los Angeles Rich Alossi [Flickr]

The interior of The Gorbals, located off the lobby of the Alexandria at 5th and Spring.

Top Chef Ilan Hall's new restaurant The Gorbals appears set to make its return inside the Alexandria after a three week closure. The eatery had been open only a few days when a boiler issue led to a health department-mandated closure.

Yesterday the restaurant sent out this positive tweet: "Opening soon!!! All permits approved! Stay tuned!"

In an email that was forwarded to blogdowntown, General Manager Nikki Keiper said that the official reopening will come the first weekend of October.

In a recent visit to the DLANC Planning committee, Amerland CEO Ruben Islas said that the health department's issue was the size of the boiler installed for the restaurant. He said that the water was heated beyond the required 120 degrees, but the department still wanted the unit replaced. The restaurant's boiler is separate from that of the reset of the building.

Islas also said that valet parking should be coming soon to the building.


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