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Rumors or Truth? Stories Spread about Death at the Alexandria

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, October 01, 2009, at 05:03PM

On September 12, an elderly man was found dead in his 5th floor room at the Hotel Alexandria. From that basic fact, a pair of stories begin to diverge. One is fantastic, the other ordinary.

Where better than the halls of the noirish 1904 hotel for such stories to start?

The rumor circulating the neighborhood is one of murder. A former Navy Seal was found dead in his room, struck with force. Traces of blood led from the elevator to the room, and drugs were possibly involved.

LAPD's story is a little different. Grant Divens, 73, was in poor health and may have fallen in his room, causing himself a nosebleed. Officers say there was no evidence of blunt force trauma, or of a drug deal gone bad. Divens lived alone, and officers do say evidence was found that he had been in the Marines.

But before Downtowners completely dismiss the rumors, they should note that LAPD says Divens' death has not been classified.


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