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Art Walk Preview for October, 2009

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, October 07, 2009, at 12:25PM
Photo + Shadow Ed Fuentes

With Halloween just weeks away, let's imagine Downtown Art Walk founder Bert Green as the scientist who created the creature that now runs rampant in the streets. After dark, he closes the doors of his gallery and finds refuge at the Farmers and Merchants Bank, once a month cleverly disguised as gallery space.

Meanwhile, the new caretakers of Art Walk listen to the original intent of the second Thursday of the month and are finding new ways to introduce Downtown as a tamed beast, complete with walking tours and an official blog.

There are those who find Art Walk as an event in crisis, writing in print that it's now at a crossroads (which we have been saying for a year). Looking for an angle, they declare Art Walk dead -- much the same thing said by a youthful Art Walk goer miffed that the gallery he walked into is not serving alcohol.

But in truth, Art Walk isn't dead. It may seeking a new purpose, and may have been better off with Green's year-old idea that the name be changed to a Culture Walk, and a new art walk that features opening receptions for an art buying public be held on a weekend.

At the time, that suggestion brought out the Downtown villagers carrying pitchforks and lit torches wanting Art Walk to keep its name.

That's because Art Walk was about always about showing Downtown and Gallery Row as a safer place, and wasn't created for the purpose of just buying art, so says the mad scientist himself.

Somehow I feel there will be enough people in the streets, and galleries, declaring that the monster that is Art Walk isn't dead.

Cue in flash of lighting and clap of thunder, and shout "It's alive! "It's alive!"

FANTASTIKA, FUTURA, GROTESKA gets into the spirit with a "celebration" of science fiction, horror and fantasy. Featured artist is Erik Jerumanis. Special showings for Art Walk from noon to 9pm and Saturday, October 31st (Halloween), from 6pm - Midnight. Norbertellen Gallery (215 W. 6th, Suite #11)

Graffiti Spirits is Man One's first solo exhibition in five years. After featuring other artists, he deserves to be in his own spotlight as he shows works from 1992 to the present. Crewest (110 Winston)

"Th!inkArt of Chicago and Paris guest curates this exhibition of contemporary French artists who are blazing a trail with an existential angst entwined with humor about mortality." BGFA (102 W. 5th)

Traces of Being: Iran in the Passage of Memories runs until November 21. "These memories capture more than moments in time—they bear witness to unprecedented change and inspire new interpretations of the past, which, in the end, create Traces of Being." A panel discussion with the artists will be held on Saturday, October 17th, at 3pm and a preview of Robert Adanto’s new documentary film about contemporary women artists from Iran will be shown on Saturday, November 7th. Morono Kiang (218 W. 3rd)

The coffee house that gets it, Lot44, opens the Artrium for Julian Toro. (257 S. Spring)

EVAH HART: GROWTH AVENUE is a multi-year photographic study of midwestern domestic rituals as well as the "vertiginous experience of grief, loss and death. As she documents her brother’s terminal illness, Hart’s tense, pressurized detachment bears the psychic weight of great longing and nostalgia." Deborah Martin Gallery (209 W. 5th)

The Search for the Visceral Realists is the first U.S. retrospective for the controversial Latin American conceptual art collective known as the Visceral Realists. Curated by York Chang, in collaboration with Federal Art Project and Pink Cloud Events. Runs until November 14. Federal Art Project (316 W. 2nd)


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