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A Night of Serendipity

By Jeannine Denholm
Published: Monday, October 12, 2009, at 12:56PM
performers Jeannine Denholm [Flickr]

Treeman and a Serendipity performer are pictured during the August edition of the event.

A night of magical performance art, music and dance returns to Downtown this weekend when Serendipity once again opens its secret door.

The evening feels like a cross between speakeasy art salon and interactive performance venue, featuring whimsical costumed fairies, bees, and Treeman, a giant dancing man with feathered wings balancing on enormous stilts. Throughout the night the nature theme comes alive with dancing girls dressed as nymphs and spontaneous serenades amongst a backdrop of art and fashion.

The atmosphere is cozy, with the venue's main rooms designed to make visitors feel like they have been welcomed into the home of a very eccentric family. Candles glow everywhere and a table of decadent desserts anchors the main living area.

It is truly a unique experience. Everywhere you walk, the performers mingle and interact with guests. Women elaborately dressed as bees buzz by you, fairies break out into song and dance and if you're lucky you might even be lured by the spirit living in the forest in a loft perched high above the room.

The event takes place inside the 3,600 square foot Madera Design House, the exact address only revealed once tickets are purchased. The suggested avant garde attire makes it a great place for people watching. The invitation also provides helpful color suggestions, allowing everyone to coordinate to the current theme.

Tickets are $35. More information can be found on the event's website.


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