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Fresh Food...Traffic Jam

By Eric Richardson
Published: Friday, October 16, 2009, at 06:45PM
Fresh Food...Traffic Jams Eric Richardson [Flickr]

This Ralphs truck blocked all but one lane of Flower streets for several minutes during Friday rush hour while it waited for a gate to open.

Drivers headed south on Flower street at 5:30 this evening got plenty of time to ponder Ralphs "Fresh Food...Lower Prices" slogan as they attempted to weave around this delivery truck, which sat blocking all but one lane for several minutes as it waited for a gate to be opened allowing it access to the Downtown store.

Three lanes of traffic were cut off, with drivers peering back to see just what the hold-up was after they were able to squeeze around in the far lane.

Drivers must wait for a store employee to open the delivery gate, which means that unsynchronized arrivals can lead to just this sort of backed up situation.


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