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Old Bank DVD Goes Bigger, Better, Sexier?

By Eric Richardson
Published: Tuesday, October 20, 2009, at 11:21AM
Old Bank DVD Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Old Bank DVD's new 4th street space gives new light on 4th street between Main and Los Angeles.

The banner in the window of Old Bank DVD's new space on 4th street says the store is now "bigger... better... sexier..."

That last bit may be a stretch -- it's still Erik Loysen and Mark Schumacher running the show after all -- but the new space in the San Fernando building is definitely an upgrade.

With three times the space of the shop's first home around the corner, don't be surprised if it looks like the inventory has multiplied.

It hasn't, but the number of titles stocked face-out has. That makes a big deal in rentals. Titles with their cover art exposed are rented far more frequently than those packed into crowded shelves.

Don't look on the store's website for a new address -- since they stayed in the same building, Old Bank DVD is still at 400 S. Main. The new space is located on 4th street, just east of Main.

It's worth noting that Old Bank DVD will hit its 4-year mark in December. That's a long time in Downtown years.


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