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Downtown DASH Testing Website that Offers Live Status, Arrival Times

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, October 21, 2009, at 12:11PM
Screenshot from New Realtime DASH Website

A new website now under testing offers live bus locations and arrival times for Downtown DASH lines.

Standing at a Downtown bus stop and want to know when your DASH will arrive? Just pull out your cell phone.

A healthy injection of high-technology has made arrival times and bus locations on Downtown's favorite circulator system accessible via a web browser, phone call or text message.

The system, currently being tested by the City's Department of Transportation and vendor Synchromatics is powered by the new GPS units that were recently installed in DASH buses.

Since the information is all driven by live data from the buses themselves, it is extremely accurate.

By logging on to, curious riders can see a live map showing the location of each DASH bus or see when buses will be arriving at their favorite stop. The same information is accessible to those accessing the site with a mobile device such as an iPhone.

That same information is available over the phone by calling (213) 785-3858.

Frequent riders may want to memorize the identification numbers given to their regular stops. Use of the stop number allows a caller to short-circuit the phone system's menu and get directly to their information. The stop number can also be used to receive arrival time information via text message. To find easy instructions, just pull up your stop on the website.

Take the same DASH each morning? Everyday riders can register to have arrival times sent to them as a text a few minutes before their scheduled departure.


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