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Red You R Dead Opens Fixed Gear Showroom in the Fashion District

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, November 04, 2009, at 06:41PM
Red You R Dead Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Blake Coburn and Patrick Winget of Red You R Dead. The fixed gear bike brand opened a showroom at 9th and Main this week.

A new showroom at the corner of 9th and Main may be trendy, but it isn't selling fashion. Fixed gear track bike brand Red You R Dead has had an office in the building at 112 W. 9th for more than a year, but this weekend moved into a corner piece of ground floor retail space to show off their custom-designed bikes.

The company was started by Blake Coburn and Patrick Winget a little over two years ago. They started out by taking old bikes and doing one-off fixed gear conversions, but soon got the itch to produce their own designs.

After trips to Asia to meet with manufacturers and tour plants, the pair settled on a company in Taiwan to produce the Masher, their first custom model.

Most distinctive is the color scheme chosen for the steel frame bike: white with red trim. Don't worry if that's not to your taste, custom powder coating is only a $26 extra.

Noteworthy is the setup's 650cc front wheel, which is paired with a larger 700cc on the back. The smaller front is popular with those who are into tricks.

Bikes start at $600 and can run up to $1200 with options. Some accessories are available, but don't expect to see a repair stand.

Red You R Dead / 112 W. 9th / 213-622-4122


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