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False Alarm: Suspicious Package at 5th and Grand

By Eric Richardson with Ed Fuentes
Published: Friday, November 06, 2009, at 12:30PM
FalseAlarm8261 Ed Fuentes

LAPD cruisers block off 5th street at Grand.

A suspicious shopping cart near U.S. Bank tower led to street closures just before noon, but turned out to be a false alarm.

Rosie Carrillo, a Coffee Bean barista, says it was frightening to be evacuated along with other lunch retail shops on 5th street. She saw the suspicious package, made of a shopping cart with a photo of Obama, a soldier and a cross. "It was neatly stacked next to the bus stop," she said.

blogdowntown followed the incident on twitter, pulling together our own information and reports from readers.

11:03am: Text from Danyul: Report from the field. 5th and grand blocked off by police

11:15am: We send out a tweet: Tip that LAPD has the intersection of 5th and Grand closed off. Anyone know what's up?

11:25am: RT @jfrog: @blogdowntown a suspicious package outside us bank tower (where I work)

11:25am: RT @lainegrace:Suspicious pkg w/ Obama pic / Bible attached, liquids.

11:28am: We update with info from LAPD Central Division Captain Blake Chow: LAPD says the package is a shopping cart, and that bomb squad is enroute.

11:38am: RT @lainegrace: False alarm! It's apparently over, everything reopened. To quote a coworker, "The homeless guy came to pick up his stuff?"

11:40am: We update from the scene: 5th street is the last to clear up. Closed at Hill. Most everything else is reopened.

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