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Around the Halls: November 16 - 18

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, November 16, 2009, at 08:30AM
_IGP9728.JPG Ed Fuentes

Today is Monday, November 16. Council's back from recess and met by a busy set of agendas that feature the confirmation of a new Police chief and rules to govern medical marijuana dispensaries. Also, an update on the state of Downtown's infrastructure.

MONDAY: The Public Safety and Planning and Land Use Management committees get things started early with an 8:30am special joint meeting to discuss a proposed ordinance that would create strict rules for medical marijuana dispensaries (CF 08-0923). This is the fifth revision for the ordinance. The first was sent to Council on April 14, 2008.

Once that (probably lengthy) item is finished, Public Safety will continue with its normal meeting.

CF 09-0206 is a report on proposed licensing rules for valet parking companies. Currently, the firms operate with little to no oversight.

Costs incurred for the Michael Jackson memorial service again return to the agenda, as part of CF 09-2616.

TUESDAY: Council's in session, as are six committees.

At Council, item 15 is CF 09-2712, the confirmation of Deputy Chief Charlie Beck as the new Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department. Beck was unanimously approved by committee last Monday, but expect a number of speeches.

Item 22 is CF 09-0002-S187 is a motion to have the City formally support federal funds for the Westside Subway Extension and Regional Connector rail projects. Attached is a call for a report back on "concerns that might jeopardize the cultural and historic integrity of the communities near the Downtown Regional Connector." One can feel free to read in Little Tokyo there.

At Planning and Land Use Management, CF 08-2020-S5 is a motion asking the City Attorney to revise the sign ordinance to reflect the intent of Council when it passed what has become a controversial piece of code. Much of the urgency was removed last week, though, when the City scored a victory in its court fight with World Wide Rush. A win in that case allows the ordinance's second exception to apply.

CF 09-2647 is a Planning request for authority to execute 70 Mills Act contracts. Included in the 998 page report (a 40MB PDF) are 217 E. 8th (Garment Capitol Building), 849 S. Grand (Embassy Hotel and Auditorium), 649 S. Olive (Gianninni Building) and 756 S. Spring (Great Republic Lofts).

At Information Technology and Government Affairs, CF 09-2723 asks for a status report on an EIR for Parker Center, a required step before any plans are made for the building or its site.

WEDNESDAY: Council meets, as do five committees.

At Trade, Commerce and Tourism committee, a pair of Convention Center related items. CF 09-2667 is a renewal with ARAMARK for food and beverage operations at the facility. There is an RFP underway, but it's taking longer than expected.

CF 09-0136 is a report on using flexible demand-based pricing for Convention Center facilities. A three-year pilot is recommended.

At Council, item 18 is the medical marijuana ordinance at committee on Monday.

Item 26 is CF 08-1783, the "hardest to film" location list that provided much discussion in recent weeks.

At Public Works committee, item 8 is CF 09-1709, a motion asking for a report on the state of Downtown's infrastructure.

At Transportation committee, CF 09-0600-S48 is a continued discussion of how the City will use Measure R local return funds.


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