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Central Area Weekly Update: November 28, 2009

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, December 02, 2009, at 03:44PM

Each week Captain (and soon to be Commander) Blake Chow, Commanding Officer of LAPD's Central Division, sends out an email to the community. Captain Chow has agreed to let blogdowntown bring his emails to our readers.

As of Nov 28, 2009 Central reported the following crime numbers. All numbers are YTD unless otherwise noted.

  • Violent Crime down 9 percent.
  • Homicides are even;
  • Rapes are down 21 percent;
  • Robbery is down 4 percent
  • Agg Assaults down 13 percent.

  • Property Crime is down 8 percent

  • Burglary is down 22 percent
  • Grand Theft Auto is down 25 percent
  • Burgl from Motor vehicle is down 2 percent
  • Personal Theft is down 3 percent

Total Part I Crime is down a record 8.2 percent.

Please see the following Downtown News Article related to community efforts to reduce crime.


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