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I Heart's Arrica Rose

By Monk Turner
Published: Tuesday, December 08, 2009, at 10:24AM
Arrica Rose over Broadway Monk Turner [Flickr]

I Heart's Arrica Rose over Broadway.

For decades, Downtown has been a place where demographics collide. With the neighborhood's revival comes the worry that the people who inhabited the businesses long before it was 'cool' to live here could get pushed out.

Arrica Rose has found a way to serve both communities with her Million Dollar Revival. This Sunday, she will revive the Million Dollar Theater for a good cause; free cancer screenings for low income, uninsured women. With a vision that serves all communities of downtown LA, I was excited to hear what she had to say about the event.

MONK TURNER: What is I Heart?

ARRICA ROSE: We're a grassroots nonprofit organization and our motto is do what you can with where you are and what you've got. We bring together independent artists and allow them to do creative projects and events in order to give back to charitable organizations and programs.

MT: That's great! Can you tell us about some of the events you've done in the past?

AR: We started off with a pin-up girl calendar that involved Los Angeles based female musicians. All the proceeds were donated to Sojourn Servcies for Battered Women as well as the Silverlake Music Conservatory. We also did a t-shirt making party at the indie-rock easel where we had different bands design one-of-a-kind t-shirts that were available only at the party. Proceeds went to Sojourn Servcies for Battered Women and the Silverlake Music Conservatory as well. We did an event in New York for the New York Coalition to End Hunger. It was a Christmas time show and we did a concert. We also did a benefit at South by Southwest 2009 for Health Alliance for Austin Musicians.

MT: You guys have done a lot of good.

AR: Yeah that was a mouthful. [laughter]

MT: You have a event this week in dowtown..

AR: Yes. It is called the Million Dollar Revival and it will benefit Fran Drescher's Cancer Schmancer Movement which is a program that allows low income, uninsured women of Los Angeles to get free women's cancer screenings within their own neighborhood. That is what were raising money for with this very eclectic line up.

MT: Why did you chose to have it in downtown?

AR: I live here and I'm very inspired by downtown and the rejuvenation of the whole neighborhood. Especially by the theaters on Broadway. I felt there is something about hosting an event that is for low income, uninsured women in their own community that makes sense to me.

MT: What can people expect on Sunday?

AR: Something they've never seen before. Worlds colliding with people you never thought you'd see on one stage at the same time. When you have The Bird and the Bee, Olivia Newton John, Jackson Browne, and Charlyne Yi you realize that all these people are uniting behind the same cause. That's what it is about. People from all walks of life uniting for the sake of something bigger than ourselves.

Get your tickets before it is too late. It goes to a good cause. More info can be found here:


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