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You Got Tales

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Thursday, December 10, 2009, at 02:32PM
NancyMills Ed Fuentes

With flyers on the upcoming spoken word performance of her writings, and Bradbury Building in the background, blogger Nancy Mills talks about "Tales of Downtown" from her loft at 3rd and Broadway.

Nancy Mills is a writer who works from a desk with a view of the "Pope of Broadway" and the Bradbury Building. Blogging at Tales of Downtown, she finds our common experience in posts like "Hot Socks and Mangos," where she surveys the vast inventory of white tube socks sold on Broadway.

Mills also wraps words around personal experiences. ["12 Guys-10 Guns-The Grammys"] ( is about her award show evening nesting with a salad –– and a martini –- that was interrupted by a SWAT Team.

Selections from these stories will be performed this Sunday, December 13, at the Company of Angels Theatre.

You wonder what she may write about how she feels when her words are performed.

"I think there will be many feelings actually. Probably one of excitement . . . and probably one of tears," says Mills. "It's your passion. It's your voice. And I'm touched by what comes to me and through me through writing. It takes me to that very special place.

Still, Mills does not consider herself a blogger turned playwright. It's a spoken word performance, she reminds me, yet she knows that one of the important turns in a writer's career is having words "come to life." Her intimate look at living Downtown is familiar to Armando Lena, Artistic Director of Company of Angels, who agreed with Mills that it would be right for a community offering.

The experience may change how she writes, knowing that what she writes may could again be heard on stage. "You know, I have fantasies about everything, whether it's a book or whether it's television or whether it's the stage," she says citing PBS's Tales of the City, a series that began as a series in the San Francisco Chronicle before being published as a novel. "It was just fabulous, and I remember thinking how it had so many different dimensions. And I am hoping that's what going to happen with 'Tales of Downtown'".

Through her website, The Spirited Woman, Mills began blogging before moving Downtown in July. Once here, there was the night inspiration crossed her path on an 8pm walk with a neighbor. She recalls the neighbor shrieking "Nancy! Is that a rat or a chihuahua?"

"That is hilarious. That would never happen on the West side, and then it got me thinking," she says. "You know I am having daily adventures. And I mean it's actually funny. I mean the things that happen. The buzzer doesn't work. The elevator is broken down."

"If you don't put on your Annie Oakley skirt, you can not live in Downtown," she says. "Forget about it, you know. You have to sort of go with it."

Tales of Downtown / Company of Angels Theatre / Sunday, December 13 at 3pm / Champagne and hot dog afterparty at Weenez / A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Alexandria Workshops–a special community project of the Company of Angels / For more info and tickets, email


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