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Actress Fran Drescher Talks Cancer, Early Detection and Downtown

By Monk Turner
Published: Thursday, December 10, 2009, at 11:15AM
Fran Drescher and 'Esther'

Actress Fran Drescher with 'Esther'

In case you missed our interview with Arrica Rose, there is a big ol' variety show happening this Sunday at the Million Dollar Theater. Money raised will go to the Cancer Schmancer Movement whose mission is to lower cancer mortality rates.

The organization's ringleader, actress Fran Drescher, was kind enough to take some time to share a little bit more about the organization, Downtown and Sunday's events.

MONK TURNER: Tell us a little more about Cancer Schmancer.

FRAN DRESCHER: This is something that I've dedicated my life to. If everyone would be diagnosed in Stage 1, almost everyone would live and that is doable today. Stage 1 is the cure! To that end we have developed the Fran Van Program. These vans will ride into low-income neighborhoods educating women on prevention and early detection. Cancer Schmancer will work in partnerships with inner images who will be providing the cancer screening tests as well as working with medical facilities for follow up care when necessary.

MT: What can people expect to see at the benefit event this weekend?

FD: Well a phenomenal historic downtown theater for one and great entertainment for a really good cause with the likes of Jackson Browne, Rosie O’Donnell, Olivia Newton-John, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Inara George from The Bird and the Bee and yours truly plus many other indie bands and recording artists as well as some fun comedy and acrobatic acts thrown in for good measure. Everyone should expect to have a, not only entertaining experience, but also heartfelt one too which can only come from dedicating oneself to the greater good.

MT: Why have an event like this in Downtown LA as opposed to anywhere else in LA?

FD: Myself and my friend Arrica Rose, the president of iHeart Inc, who is producing the event, both spend a great deal of time Downtown because both of us have boyfriends that live there. We’ve both come to realize how great the vibe is downtown and appreciate the renaissance that is taking place. So since we love downtown and the “Bringing Back Broadway” rejuvenation and the concert itself is benefiting the low income women of downtown, it seemed like a no brainer to mount the concert at the Million Dollar Theater. We hope that this concert will invite westsiders to come downtown and experience a great night in a great city. Downtown LA is a fast growing community of co-supportive people and I feel very grateful that we have garnered the support from not only the mayor himself but also downtown businesses.

MT: Where can people find out more details about the show this weekend?

FD: Go to, hit the Rock and Comedy at the Million Dollar Theater button on the homepage and purchase tickets!

Yeah! What she said! Tickets run from $30-$100. The show takes place at 307 S. Broadway at the Million Dollar Theater. Doors at 6pm.


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